Top Fitness Trends

Top Fitness Trends of 2016-17

Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine conducts a survey. It looks for the top fitness trends of the year. This year, wearable technology tops the list. It is followed by body weight training and high-intensity interval training. Old favorites like yoga are back on the list as well. If you want to start the new year out right, try one of these hot fitness trends.

Wearable Technology

Exercise trackers are all the rage. Over the holidays, many people were given smartwatches. This trend is only going to continue in the future. Wearable technology can track distance, your heart rate and your work outs. As this technology improves, wearable items will continue to be a hot item.

Top Fitness Trends

Body Weight Training

Exercise equipment is expensive. If you do not want the cost of equipment or a gym membership, body weight training is a good option. It uses your own body weight to build muscle. Exercises like leg lifts, push ups and crunches can be done at home. Each exercise can also be changed to make it easier or harder

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Are you short on time? If you cannot go to an entire aerobics class, HIIT was made for you. It focuses on short bursts of intense exercise. You burn more calories in 30 minutes of HIIT than in an hour-long class. Plus, HIIT helps to build endurance.

Strength Training

Years ago, strength training was less popular. Women may have worried about bulky, large muscles. Some people wanted to just burn calories. These old myths have gone away. Now, strength training is finally getting the attention it deserves. Strength training boosts muscle mass. This helps to increase your metabolism. Even when you are not working out, you burn more calories. Plus, strength training helps to prevent bone loss as you age.

Group Training

During the recession, personal trainers were too expensive. Group classes became a popular alternative. This movement has only continued in 2017. Group classes like SoulCycle and PureBarre are just a few of the options available. These options are cheaper than personal training. Despite being cheaper, they offer many of the same benefits.


While Eastern yoga has a spiritual element, Westerners tend to see just its physical benefits. Physically, yoga is amazing for your body. It can boost your libido, your mood and your strength. Plus, yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. It promotes good digestion and blood flow. At the same time, yoga rewires your brain to be more relaxed. New yoga classes like rope wall yoga, hot yoga and aerial yoga are constantly being developed for new yogis to test out.

Personal Training

Personal training is a yearly favorite for fitness trends. In recent years, the industry has changed. Trainers are now more educated and professional. Many fitness professionals are getting advanced education in exercise training. In turn, exercisers get to reap the benefits.

Wearable technology and group classes make exercising easy. From yoga to strength training, these trends help to boost your physical and mental health. Grab a friend, plan a work out and get in shape!



Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnosis – Use It to Lose Weight

Weight loss hypnosis is fast gaining popularity with searches in Yahoo! alone hitting an amazing 5500. Why not join the thousands of people on this planet to embark on a journey of weight loss using hypnosis? Try this method with no side effects at all unlike the drugs people take. Read top article!

When you use weight loss hypnosis, you have nothing to lose except the few minutes it takes to try. That few minutes a day can create wonders in your life. The next time you see that delicious food in any magazines or books, you will have no difficulty in resisting it.

There are countless numbers of channels for you to seek information on weight loss hypnosis. You can find information on the Internet, in books, magazines and even on TV. So what are you waiting for? You have just found one article on it, so read on!

Addiction free weight loss

As I have just mentioned, weight loss hypnosis is free of side effects. This is because weight loss hypnosis is natural and is a pretty advanced method in weight loss. Most importantly, weight loss is 100% free from any kinds of chemicals that exist, so it basically harmless to anyone using it.

The reason why most people fail to have their weight loss is because their will and subconscious mind are not working hand in hand. Your will comes from your conscious mind and if your conscious mind is not in collaboration with your unconscious mind, your efforts will go to waste. Thus, hypnosis comes into picture to put your subconscious mind working together with your conscious mind. Hypnosis helps the obese person to make suitable health food choices with resistance to choose wrong foods. Hypnosis removes the dieting guilt. This guilt only adds on your weight. View it from

During the process of weight loss hypnosis, you feel excellent about yourself and feel less fear about the weight lose speed. Don’t think that this hypnotic process is about dieting. It would change your thinking about yourself, re-aligning your beliefs and drives deeper so you are not trying or fighting to resist these bad thoughts about food.

Although there are controversies swirling around hypnosis, some of the psychologists suggested that this technique could help obese people to focus new healthy dietary patterns and maintain them.

Hypnotic methods

Hypnotists administer the method of hypnosis from simple relaxation to formal inductions. In hypnosis one may achieve heightened concentration, suggestibility and deep relaxation. Some of the individuals are capable of achieving this state more readily than others owing to their interest in learning the hypnosis.

Weight LossYou should be aware that hypnosis cannot magically reduce your weight as most of the Internet advertisers claim. Reprogramming people’s mind is not an easy task as the world web advertisers are projecting it. It requires minimum eight-week treatment sessions and twelve weeks of practicing self-hypnosis. This may help you to reduce at least 20 pounds.

To further facilitate your progress of weight loss, you need to attend behavioral weight management program in addition to your weight loss hypnosis.

The reason why hypnosis works so well for so many people is because hypnosis brings out the potential inside you and unleashes it. We have tremendous power within us; it’s just that we do not have the right tool and method to fully bring it out. So, start changing your life now with hypnosis and feel changes now.

Can Hypnotist NYC Help You To Overcome Anxieties And Quit Smoking?


Seeing a hypnotist NYC has gotten a lot of people confused. There are many who believe seeing a hypnotist could help cure or overcome certain problems such as fears and even help someone stop smoking. However the debate is raging on as so many remain unconvinced. It is hard to see whether hypnotherapy will be effective but it may just open the door for help. So, can hypnotherapy really help you? Will you be ready to take the plunge and think about hypnotherapy sessions today?

Hypnotherapy NYC Can Help You Take Positive Steps

Stop smoking NYC is a hard thing to do. If you are someone who has been smoking for years then quitting is very tough because your body is so used to the nicotine on a daily basis. However for most they don’t overcome their smoking habits simply because of willpower and an overwhelming craving. That is why many look to hypnotherapy but is it effective? Well yes and no. Hypnotherapy can in fact allow someone to take the first positive steps into admitting there is a problem and you want help to overcome it. See more How!

Hypnotherapy Won’t Cure the Anxiety or Cravings but It Can Help

Overcoming those fears you have can be hard and one session isn’t going to do the trick. For some they don’t find a cure for their fears but rather find a way to overcome it so that it doesn’t stop them living their lives. In most cases there aren’t any ‘cures’ for fear but there are ways in which to overcome them and that is why hypnotherapy NYC is all about. You could look at these sessions to help you overcome the fears or cravings for nicotine. It can be very helpful in many ways and you may too find them useful for your anxieties.

Trying Hypnotherapy Could Be Useful

You may not be totally convinced a hypnotist NYC will help you overcome your anxieties or even help you give up smoking but you may be surprised. Yes, everyone reacts differently to different things but hypnosis is a powerful thing. If you go to a true professional then you never know how simple you could find overcoming those fears. You could overcome your fears or cravings and become a better person without them. It is an avenue to explore even if you aren’t convinced; you could try it once or twice to see how effective it is for you.

Will You Take A Chance?

When it comes to hypnosis and hypnotherapy there are many who remain unconvinced and it isn’t hard to see why. This is quite a new-age tool and something which very few people understand however that doesn’t make it a bad thing. If you want to overcome your anxieties or cravings then it could be a good idea to consider hypnotherapy. It is quite new and undiscovered but it really opens the door to a lot of potential. Hypnotherapy NYC may be something that you could find useful and extremely helpful also.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Why Willpower Fails with Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is more than just a physical addiction. Over time, your neural connections are rewired to expect nicotine. If you do not quit cold turkey, your mind goes through the withdrawal process because that chemical stimulant is not there. Beyond the chemical addiction, you also have to deal with breaking the habit and social aspects of smoking. On average, just 4 to 7 percent of people are able to stop smoking cold turkey. This is because nicotine addiction is more complex than just a bad habit.

A Physical and Mental Addiction

From the moment you take the first drag of a cigarette, nicotine floods your mind. It products endorphins in your mind like dopamine that give you pleasure and make you feel relaxed. At the same time, it also increases your blood pressure and boost your heart rate. As you continue to smoke, your body becomes physically dependent on the dopamine and pleasurable sensations caused by smoking.

Beyond the physical and chemical addiction, you also have to confront the mental addiction. Often, smokers will have a first cigarette of the morning with their coffee. They may smoke with others on their work break or use cigarettes to relax during a stressful commute. Your mind becomes used to smoking during daily routines and stress. This automatic behavior is learned over time, so it takes extra effort and time to break.

Breaking the Social Addiction to Nicotine

Smoking is often a social activity. You may smoke with friends on your break at work or at a barbecue with your family. Once you decide to quit, your normal activities are basically a trigger for you to resume smoking. You have to learn how to deal with or avoid these social interactions if you want to remain nicotine-free.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Finding the right Solution to Stop Smoking

For you to effectively stop smoking, you have to address the mental, social and physical aspects of the addiction. Like most addictions, quitting cold turkey is rarely effective in the long run. If you want to remain nicotine-free, you have to find a solution that addresses all of these things. While patches or nicotine gum may help, they only switch one source of nicotine for another.

The real change occurs when you remove the social, mental and physical components of smoking. During a hypnosis session, you are brought into a state of total relaxation. While you are under hypnosis, your mind is more receptive to suggestions. Your hypnotist helps to rewire the way your mind approaches the addiction. Hypnosis targets the root of the addiction instead of applying a band-aid to the problem. As a result, your entire approach to nicotine is changed painlessly.

Less than 10 percent of smokers can quit cold turkey. If you are serious about quitting, you need the most effective techniques possible to help you. With hypnosis sessions or downloads, you can completely change your approach to nicotine. As soon as you begin hypnosis to stop smoking, you are able to rely less and less on nicotine to feel normal.


Renovating Your Kitchen Now

5 Top Reasons to Consider Renovating your Kitchen

The benefits of Renovating your Kitchen

A masterfully designed kitchen can be the true showpiece of your home. The kitchen is where it all happens. It’s where you cook with love, it’s where you eat, laugh, prepare for entertaining, it’s where you engage in those fun and important conversations. Considering renovating your kitchen, here’s a few reasons you may want to jump in and do it.

Organization – is there enough shelf space, are you constantly looking for things or can’t buy what you truly need because of all the clutter? Do you feel you are not efficient in the kitchen because all your equipment is not organized in a logical way? Sometimes you need deeper shelves, more lower shelf space, whatever it is, what worked for you before may not work for your changing needs or growing family. Renovating your kitchen can create space and increase functionality.

Renovating Your Kitchen Now

Selling your home – are you planning to sell your home? Kitchens are a critical factor in deciding if this is the right home to buy. A renovated kitchen can be a great investment and can factor into how quickly your home sells and the sale price.

More Efficient   – are your appliances and kitchen a bit dated? Are you paying more than you should for utilities? Appliances may not run as efficiently as they can. You may be using more energy than you should. There are new appliances available that are designed for less energy consumption and offer a sleek beautiful look.

Fit your Family – is your kitchen still working for your growing family and friends. Is there room for more than 1 cook, do you have enough lower cabinets for your children to reach. Is it important to have an open kitchen so you have a better view into the living and dining room areas? There may be some sharp edges that may need to be addressed for children. Think about renovating your kitchen if you need more counter spaces for larger meals, more cooking and preparation and if you’d like a breakfast bar for the family. Lots of things to consider with a growing family.

Don’t want to Move – but do want a more modern home. People often start with the kitchen. It’s the focal point of a home and where one spends a considerable amount of time and where we share with our family.

Your home is your sanctuary, we want to feel happy, comfortable and at peace at home. Renovating your kitchen can give your home a fresh look. A beautiful kitchen can totally change your outlook on your home, how often you want to entertain, cook and play.

Organic Food or Conventional Foods

Should You Buy Organic Food?

When it comes to organic food, the cost is not always worth the benefits. Researchers have conducted studies of organic produce to figure out if it is healthier or contains more nutrients than normal produce. According to a study by the Annals of Internal Medicine, organic produce does not contain any more vitamins or minerals than normal produce. The same study did show that organic produce contains fewer pesticides, so it may still be worth buying. Fruits and vegetables had a total of 30 percent less pesticide contamination than conventional produce.

Organic Versus Conventional Foods

According to researchers, pork and chicken were 33 percent more likely to have antibiotic-resistant bacteria if the animals were not raised organically. Studies also show that children who eat primarily organic foods have lower levels of pesticides in their urine. Although this sounds like a benefit, research does not show that high levels of pesticides are actually linked to any IQ deficits or birth weight problems in children.

Organic Food or Conventional Foods

If pesticides are shown to harm human health, then the United States may be in trouble. In the United States, 59 percent of conventional produce contains detectable pesticide levels even after the produce has been washed. When Europe and the United States are averaged together, 38 percent of conventional produce and 7 percent of organic produce were found to contain pesticides. Organic produce technically should not include any pesticides, but some pesticides can drift from nearby farms through the wind or water.

Should You Eat Organic Food?

The potential harm of pesticides varies depending on your age, your genetics, the chemicals you have been exposed to and your ability to metabolize toxins. Pregnant women, young children and nursing mothers may be particularly at risk for the effects of pesticides. While the FDA ensures that all produce is below set pesticide levels, it does not calculate the long-term exposure risks. Basically, the FDA rules show that a non-organic food is safe, but these rules are not designed to figure out how safe the same food is if it is continuously consumed.

While health is a factor, the costs of eating organically must also be considered. If you can afford it, eating organic foods will help to lower your pesticide exposure and the resulting health risks. For individuals who can only afford to eat some organic foods, the following types of produce are the most important ones to buy organic. According to researchers, these vegetables and fruits are more likely to retain pesticides, so they are the most important ones to buy organic if you are on a budget.

Must-Have Organic Foods

– Bell Peppers
– Spinach
– Potatoes
– Cherries
– Pears
– Carrots
– Peaches
– Strawberries
– Baby Food
– Apples
– Grapes
– Milk
– Celery
– Peanut Butter
– Nectarines
– Lettuce
– Beef
– Pork

As a general rule, buy organic produce if you plan on eating the skin of the fruit or vegetable. Fruits that are peeled like an orange or a banana have a protective layer that keeps some of the pesticides out. In comparison, pesticides that are sprayed on an apply are absorbed into the apple peel, which is then eaten by you. If you cannot afford to buy everything organic, focus on buying fruits and vegetables that have consumable skins and peels.

Fear of Public Speaking Hypnosis NYC

How To Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking

If the words “public speaking” strike fear in your heart, you may have a fear of public speaking phobia. As one of the top phobias in the world, this fear is exceptionally common. From making a speech at a wedding to giving a presentation at work, speaking in front of other people can be an intimidating experience. Theres is a solution, public speaking hypnotherapy can help.

How To Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking

When you have a fear of something, your body engages in a “fight or flight” response. Basically, your body views the fear as a danger that you either need to fight or run away from. This causes a physical response were your throat may feel tight as your heart starts to beat faster. You may start sweating, shaking or feel breathless. In extreme cases, you may feel nauseous or unable to speak. Fortunately, it is possible to get over this phobia by retraining your mind to no longer perceive public speaking as a threat.

Fear of Public Speaking Hypnosis NYC

How to Get Rid of a Fear of Public Speaking

Before you can truly overcome your public speaking phobia, you have to first determine where it came from. Sometimes, individuals develop this phobia because they lack confidence or are afraid of being judged. They may fear that they will make a mistake or be laughed at. In some cases, past experiences with public speaking have caused the phobia. Whatever the case, the cause has to be addressed for the phobia to end.

How to Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

Hypnosis in NYC is designed to target the root of your phobias. If you are attending an in-person session, your hypnotherapist will work with you to find the root of your anxiety. Whether this is based on a memory of the past or a lack of self-confidence, your hypnotherapist will be able to help. They can help you to identify and remove the triggers that are causing your anxiety.

During the hypnosis session or download, you will be guided toward a more relaxed state of mind. This mindset is similar to the way that you feel when you become so immersed in driving that you go past your exit. In this natural state of mind, you can work directly with your subconscious to change the way you perceive certain situations. You will be guided toward releasing your fears and enjoying a renewed sense of self-confidence. With consistent hypnosis work, you will be able to feel calm, confident and relaxed when you are confronted with a public speaking event.

You need to be able to give speeches at work and in your private life. No one deserves to be constantly stressed about an upcoming speaking event. If your phobia about public speaking is getting in the way of your life, hypnosis options in NYC can help. Find out how hypnotists can help you to end your phobia and enjoy a new sense of self-confidence.

Does hypnosis work for anger management?

If you’re looking to hire a Hypnotherapist in NYC, you may be wondering if they can help you with your anger issues. Below, we look at this in greater detail.

Know what ‘mindfulness’ is and how it can be used.

Mindfulness has become a buzzword, so it’s important to understand what it actually is. The practice of mindfulness refers to returning the mind to the current moment, in order that difficult feelings and destructive actions can be more easily overcome and channelled into more productive aspects of the day. However, that doesn’t particularly help if you are the type where the red mist of anger descends immediately, before you can think to work through this process. This is where Hypnotherapy in NYC may be able to help you.

How can a Hypnotherapist in NYC help me?

Recent studies would appear to suggest that hypnotherapy, in NYC or wherever in the world you find yourself, can be incredibly useful for anger management. Remember, however, that it is a tool- the hard work will be down to you. It’s normal to feel anger. The problems occur when you escalate out of control- and you will feel the effects as well as the target of your wrath. Mental and physical problems can develop out of your anger issues. You will also effect relationships and work. More explained here.

Hypnotherapy in NYC can help you discover why you get so angry so easily. Remember, the anger response is learnt- so something shaped your behaviour to learn to react like that. Understanding why you have learned to react the way you have will help you in the process of reacting better. Only once you understand what flips this trigger in your mind can hypnotherapy begin to help you.

How will the Hypnotherapist in NYC help me?

Hypnotherapy in NYC will help you work at conscious and unconscious levels to change the negative thought patterns which lead to your triggers. During the relaxation process that is critical to hypnotherapy, you will feel safe enough to open up about those triggers and begin to address them. IT will help you learn to control the ‘red mist’ of anger, and instead tap into a more natural calm stated. You will examine the feelings that trigger these events, watching them allowing them to dissolve away, leaving you with the understanding of why they occur. Once you are comfortable in dealing with this, you will rehearse scenarios with the hypnotherapist, so that you can learn to deal with situations similar to those that have triggered you in the past and cope with them better, all while still in the safe, relaxed and above all controlled environment of the hypnotherapist’s office.

Of course, this won’t solve your anger problems for you, with no input from you. It is important to be realistic about what the hypnotherapist in NYC can help you achieve- but if you are, you will be many steps down the path to a full recovery from the prison of your temper.

Find out more tips here:

Hypnosis for Public Speaking and inner beauty

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Beauty is an entirely subjective decision. For centuries, having pale white skin was considered to be the most beautiful. With this in mind, women used umbrellas and avoided the sunlight. Even today, countries that believe whiter skin to be beautiful sell whitening lotions and cremes to stop skin pigment from changing color. In the United States, tan skin is now the popular beauty look. Other than these beauty changes, plumpness and thinness have been held as the beauty standard at varying points in time.

Considering the many different ideas about beauty, it seems apparent that beauty is entirely in the eye of the beholder. As the Association for Psychological Sciences discusses, a variety of factors such as clothes, mannerism and social status can effect how beautiful people perceive you to be. Although there is some agreement about what makes a certain face handsome or pretty, the variations between cultures show that beauty bias is often focused in the mind.

Is Beauty Skin Deep?

The reality is that beauty goes beyond just the way you look. To other people, your confidence, style of dress and mannerisms go a long way to determining how attractive you are. If you feel more confident, you are more likely to dress yourself with care and your mannerisms will betray this self-confidence. In essence, your personal confidence can impact how beautiful you perceive yourself to be. Once you think that you are more attractive, you act like it. By changing the way your mind perceives your beauty, you can change how someone else perceives your looks as well.

Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Be Beautiful

Genetics are inherently unfair. Everyone cannot be born with the genes to climb Mount Everest or win Miss America pageants. While some of these factors are outside of your control, studies show that getting enough sleep and feeling confident can increase how beautiful you and others believe you to be. In 2010, a group of Dutch and Swedish researchers took photos of people after sleep deprivation and a night of quality rest. The results showed that the images of the same person were thought to be less attractive when they were sleep deprived.

Happiness Is Revolutionizing

Beyond getting enough sleep, being happy can change how attractive you appear. In one study, women were told to smile or appear neutral when they entered a bar. The women were approached by more men when they smiled than when they appeared neutral. It is human nature to judge others according to their looks, so it is natural to find a happier, healthier person to be more attractive.

If you are not blessed with perfect genetics, you can still be attractive. Beauty goes beyond skin deep and is frequently determined by your state of mind. If you feel confident and attractive, your mannerisms, attitude and style will show this. After a lifetime of second guessing your looks, you can restart your mental attitude by using a technique like hypnosis. Through self-hypnosis, you can change your self-perception. You can improve interactions and speaking in front of large groups with hypnosis for public speaking. Since your self-perception impacts how others perceive you, you can become more attractive by changing the way your mind works through hypnosis.


Life Regression – a chance to understand past, present and future.

Life Regression – a chance to understand past, present and future.

What is Past Life Therapy with Reincarnation NYC? It is a way to understand the past as the spirit is eternal and embodies serially in different situations to experience different life experiences. In some embodiments, or in the period between these, the spirit may be shaken by a painful event or misunderstood and bring that negative emotion for subsequent lives in the form of physical, emotional or spiritual illnesses.

Understand it better.

The Past Life Therapy (DVT) or Past Life Therapy, or Memory Regression (MR) at Reincarnation NYC, as it is known, is a therapeutic technique where the customer seeks, with the help of the therapist, in his unconscious memory the traumatic event or shocking the past that is causing suffering and problems at the present time.

What is it for?

The unconscious records are present in different situations in your memory, and in cases of traumatic or shocking event the unconscious situations you may be unable to process past experience as an already complete experience and stays active at the present time or activating it through “triggers” specific which are related to the traumatic event. If you like this reading you will like our top article here. The unconscious can also distort a traumatic experience making greater or worse than it was. DVT search catharsis, or release this trauma to give a new meaning to trauma to the client, making the life experience trauma. DVT integrates reason, intuition, emotion and sensation.

Life Regression – a chance to understand past, present and future.

Therefore Reincarnation NYC will help you…

Trigger. Triggers are events that initiate a crisis, for example, a person who had a drowning accident in childhood may panic when see the water, even though the situation appears that this water does not pose a real risk. Your unconscious just mistakenly associated water as life-threatening.

How is it treated?

In the first two sessions, for example, Reincarnation NYC will:

  • anamnesis (collection of behavioral, emotional, emotional and physical customer through interviews)
  • defining the objectives and goals of treatment
  • and a short meditation with Tibetan bells to close
  • From the third session onwards:
  • a short meditation with Tibetan bells to bring the customer awareness focus for the session
  • a brief guided relaxation
  • then DVT (memory regression) by conscious driving
  • return of regression to the present moment

Is Hypnosis used?

No, Reincarnation NYC does not use hypnosis, the client is conscious throughout the consultation. If you need more resources you should click this url: This ensures a personal limit component well established that the therapy only goes as far as the customer and your spirit guides allow, in addition to not inflict the law of forgetfulness or veil of forgetfulness of the law where only what emerges consciously by the client is safe to be worked without causing negative karmic consequences for the client or the therapist.

The therapist talks about the past lives of the customer?

No. Reincarnation NYC works with memory regression and not with extrasensory perception. Those who experience the past life experiences is the very client during memory regression guided by the therapist, aimed at healing or transforming some aspect that generates suffering to the customer.

What is the purpose of each session?

Each session maps issues that are worked in the first session according to customer request, for each regression is sought catharsis, ie the release of traumatic or confused state that is frozen in the unconscious. If you are not satisfied and need to know more you can visit this site here. Are you ready to change through the help of Reincarnation NYC?