Top Fitness Trends of 2016-17

Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine conducts a survey. It looks for the top fitness trends of the year. This year, wearable technology tops the list. It is followed by body weight training and high-intensity interval training. Old favorites like yoga are back on the list as well. If you want to start the new year out right, try one of these hot fitness trends.

Wearable Technology

Exercise trackers are all the rage. Over the holidays, many people were given smartwatches. This trend is only going to continue in the future. Wearable technology can track distance, your heart rate and your work outs. As this technology improves, wearable items will continue to be a hot item.

Top Fitness Trends

Body Weight Training

Exercise equipment is expensive. If you do not want the cost of equipment or a gym membership, body weight training is a good option. It uses your own body weight to build muscle. Exercises like leg lifts, push ups and crunches can be done at home. Each exercise can also be changed to make it easier or harder

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Are you short on time? If you cannot go to an entire aerobics class, HIIT was made for you. It focuses on short bursts of intense exercise. You burn more calories in 30 minutes of HIIT than in an hour-long class. Plus, HIIT helps to build endurance.

Strength Training

Years ago, strength training was less popular. Women may have worried about bulky, large muscles. Some people wanted to just burn calories. These old myths have gone away. Now, strength training is finally getting the attention it deserves. Strength training boosts muscle mass. This helps to increase your metabolism. Even when you are not working out, you burn more calories. Plus, strength training helps to prevent bone loss as you age.

Group Training

During the recession, personal trainers were too expensive. Group classes became a popular alternative. This movement has only continued in 2017. Group classes like SoulCycle and PureBarre are just a few of the options available. These options are cheaper than personal training. Despite being cheaper, they offer many of the same benefits.


While Eastern yoga has a spiritual element, Westerners tend to see just its physical benefits. Physically, yoga is amazing for your body. It can boost your libido, your mood and your strength. Plus, yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. It promotes good digestion and blood flow. At the same time, yoga rewires your brain to be more relaxed. New yoga classes like rope wall yoga, hot yoga and aerial yoga are constantly being developed for new yogis to test out.

Personal Training

Personal training is a yearly favorite for fitness trends. In recent years, the industry has changed. Trainers are now more educated and professional. Many fitness professionals are getting advanced education in exercise training. In turn, exercisers get to reap the benefits.

Wearable technology and group classes make exercising easy. From yoga to strength training, these trends help to boost your physical and mental health. Grab a friend, plan a work out and get in shape!