Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Why Willpower Fails with Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is more than just a physical addiction. Over time, your neural connections are rewired to expect nicotine. If you do not quit cold turkey, your mind goes through the withdrawal process because that chemical stimulant is not there. Beyond the chemical addiction, you also have to deal with breaking the habit and social aspects of smoking. On average, just 4 to 7 percent of people are able to stop smoking cold turkey. This is because nicotine addiction is more complex than just a bad habit.

A Physical and Mental Addiction

From the moment you take the first drag of a cigarette, nicotine floods your mind. It products endorphins in your mind like dopamine that give you pleasure and make you feel relaxed. At the same time, it also increases your blood pressure and boost your heart rate. As you continue to smoke, your body becomes physically dependent on the dopamine and pleasurable sensations caused by smoking.

Beyond the physical and chemical addiction, you also have to confront the mental addiction. Often, smokers will have a first cigarette of the morning with their coffee. They may smoke with others on their work break or use cigarettes to relax during a stressful commute. Your mind becomes used to smoking during daily routines and stress. This automatic behavior is learned over time, so it takes extra effort and time to break.

Breaking the Social Addiction to Nicotine

Smoking is often a social activity. You may smoke with friends on your break at work or at a barbecue with your family. Once you decide to quit, your normal activities are basically a trigger for you to resume smoking. You have to learn how to deal with or avoid these social interactions if you want to remain nicotine-free.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Finding the right Solution to Stop Smoking

For you to effectively stop smoking, you have to address the mental, social and physical aspects of the addiction. Like most addictions, quitting cold turkey is rarely effective in the long run. If you want to remain nicotine-free, you have to find a solution that addresses all of these things. While patches or nicotine gum may help, they only switch one source of nicotine for another.

The real change occurs when you remove the social, mental and physical components of smoking. During a hypnosis session, you are brought into a state of total relaxation. While you are under hypnosis, your mind is more receptive to suggestions. Your hypnotist helps to rewire the way your mind approaches the addiction. Hypnosis targets the root of the addiction instead of applying a band-aid to the problem. As a result, your entire approach to nicotine is changed painlessly.

Less than 10 percent of smokers can quit cold turkey. If you are serious about quitting, you need the most effective techniques possible to help you. With hypnosis sessions or downloads, you can completely change your approach to nicotine. As soon as you begin hypnosis to stop smoking, you are able to rely less and less on nicotine to feel normal.


Does hypnosis work for anger management?

If you’re looking to hire a Hypnotherapist in NYC, you may be wondering if they can help you with your anger issues. Below, we look at this in greater detail.

Know what ‘mindfulness’ is and how it can be used.

Mindfulness has become a buzzword, so it’s important to understand what it actually is. The practice of mindfulness refers to returning the mind to the current moment, in order that difficult feelings and destructive actions can be more easily overcome and channelled into more productive aspects of the day. However, that doesn’t particularly help if you are the type where the red mist of anger descends immediately, before you can think to work through this process. This is where Hypnotherapy in NYC may be able to help you.

How can a Hypnotherapist in NYC help me?

Recent studies would appear to suggest that hypnotherapy, in NYC or wherever in the world you find yourself, can be incredibly useful for anger management. Remember, however, that it is a tool- the hard work will be down to you. It’s normal to feel anger. The problems occur when you escalate out of control- and you will feel the effects as well as the target of your wrath. Mental and physical problems can develop out of your anger issues. You will also effect relationships and work. More explained here.

Hypnotherapy in NYC can help you discover why you get so angry so easily. Remember, the anger response is learnt- so something shaped your behaviour to learn to react like that. Understanding why you have learned to react the way you have will help you in the process of reacting better. Only once you understand what flips this trigger in your mind can hypnotherapy begin to help you.

How will the Hypnotherapist in NYC help me?

Hypnotherapy in NYC will help you work at conscious and unconscious levels to change the negative thought patterns which lead to your triggers. During the relaxation process that is critical to hypnotherapy, you will feel safe enough to open up about those triggers and begin to address them. IT will help you learn to control the ‘red mist’ of anger, and instead tap into a more natural calm stated. You will examine the feelings that trigger these events, watching them allowing them to dissolve away, leaving you with the understanding of why they occur. Once you are comfortable in dealing with this, you will rehearse scenarios with the hypnotherapist, so that you can learn to deal with situations similar to those that have triggered you in the past and cope with them better, all while still in the safe, relaxed and above all controlled environment of the hypnotherapist’s office.

Of course, this won’t solve your anger problems for you, with no input from you. It is important to be realistic about what the hypnotherapist in NYC can help you achieve- but if you are, you will be many steps down the path to a full recovery from the prison of your temper.

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