Life Regression – a chance to understand past, present and future.

What is Past Life Therapy with Reincarnation NYC? It is a way to understand the past as the spirit is eternal and embodies serially in different situations to experience different life experiences. In some embodiments, or in the period between these, the spirit may be shaken by a painful event or misunderstood and bring that negative emotion for subsequent lives in the form of physical, emotional or spiritual illnesses.

Understand it better.

The Past Life Therapy (DVT) or Past Life Therapy, or Memory Regression (MR) at Reincarnation NYC, as it is known, is a therapeutic technique where the customer seeks, with the help of the therapist, in his unconscious memory the traumatic event or shocking the past that is causing suffering and problems at the present time.

What is it for?

The unconscious records are present in different situations in your memory, and in cases of traumatic or shocking event the unconscious situations you may be unable to process past experience as an already complete experience and stays active at the present time or activating it through “triggers” specific which are related to the traumatic event. If you like this reading you will like our top article here. The unconscious can also distort a traumatic experience making greater or worse than it was. DVT search catharsis, or release this trauma to give a new meaning to trauma to the client, making the life experience trauma. DVT integrates reason, intuition, emotion and sensation.

Life Regression – a chance to understand past, present and future.

Therefore Reincarnation NYC will help you…

Trigger. Triggers are events that initiate a crisis, for example, a person who had a drowning accident in childhood may panic when see the water, even though the situation appears that this water does not pose a real risk. Your unconscious just mistakenly associated water as life-threatening.

How is it treated?

In the first two sessions, for example, Reincarnation NYC will:

  • anamnesis (collection of behavioral, emotional, emotional and physical customer through interviews)
  • defining the objectives and goals of treatment
  • and a short meditation with Tibetan bells to close
  • From the third session onwards:
  • a short meditation with Tibetan bells to bring the customer awareness focus for the session
  • a brief guided relaxation
  • then DVT (memory regression) by conscious driving
  • return of regression to the present moment

Is Hypnosis used?

No, Reincarnation NYC does not use hypnosis, the client is conscious throughout the consultation. If you need more resources you should click this url: This ensures a personal limit component well established that the therapy only goes as far as the customer and your spirit guides allow, in addition to not inflict the law of forgetfulness or veil of forgetfulness of the law where only what emerges consciously by the client is safe to be worked without causing negative karmic consequences for the client or the therapist.

The therapist talks about the past lives of the customer?

No. Reincarnation NYC works with memory regression and not with extrasensory perception. Those who experience the past life experiences is the very client during memory regression guided by the therapist, aimed at healing or transforming some aspect that generates suffering to the customer.

What is the purpose of each session?

Each session maps issues that are worked in the first session according to customer request, for each regression is sought catharsis, ie the release of traumatic or confused state that is frozen in the unconscious. If you are not satisfied and need to know more you can visit this site here. Are you ready to change through the help of Reincarnation NYC?

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