Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Beauty is an entirely subjective decision. For centuries, having pale white skin was considered to be the most beautiful. With this in mind, women used umbrellas and avoided the sunlight. Even today, countries that believe whiter skin to be beautiful sell whitening lotions and cremes to stop skin pigment from changing color. In the United States, tan skin is now the popular beauty look. Other than these beauty changes, plumpness and thinness have been held as the beauty standard at varying points in time.

Considering the many different ideas about beauty, it seems apparent that beauty is entirely in the eye of the beholder. As the Association for Psychological Sciences discusses, a variety of factors such as clothes, mannerism and social status can effect how beautiful people perceive you to be. Although there is some agreement about what makes a certain face handsome or pretty, the variations between cultures show that beauty bias is often focused in the mind.

Is Beauty Skin Deep?

The reality is that beauty goes beyond just the way you look. To other people, your confidence, style of dress and mannerisms go a long way to determining how attractive you are. If you feel more confident, you are more likely to dress yourself with care and your mannerisms will betray this self-confidence. In essence, your personal confidence can impact how beautiful you perceive yourself to be. Once you think that you are more attractive, you act like it. By changing the way your mind perceives your beauty, you can change how someone else perceives your looks as well.

Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Be Beautiful

Genetics are inherently unfair. Everyone cannot be born with the genes to climb Mount Everest or win Miss America pageants. While some of these factors are outside of your control, studies show that getting enough sleep and feeling confident can increase how beautiful you and others believe you to be. In 2010, a group of Dutch and Swedish researchers took photos of people after sleep deprivation and a night of quality rest. The results showed that the images of the same person were thought to be less attractive when they were sleep deprived.

Happiness Is Revolutionizing

Beyond getting enough sleep, being happy can change how attractive you appear. In one study, women were told to smile or appear neutral when they entered a bar. The women were approached by more men when they smiled than when they appeared neutral. It is human nature to judge others according to their looks, so it is natural to find a happier, healthier person to be more attractive.

If you are not blessed with perfect genetics, you can still be attractive. Beauty goes beyond skin deep and is frequently determined by your state of mind. If you feel confident and attractive, your mannerisms, attitude and style will show this. After a lifetime of second guessing your looks, you can restart your mental attitude by using a technique like hypnosis. Through self-hypnosis, you can change your self-perception. You can improve interactions and speaking in front of large groups with hypnosis for public speaking. Since your self-perception impacts how others perceive you, you can become more attractive by changing the way your mind works through hypnosis.